Christopher Elliott’s New Book, Delta’s Frequent Flyer Changes, and the Conductor of the Folsom Symphony

Ben is a college student, travel consultant, travel writer, and avid points collector living in Florida. He regularly joins us on-air to share his latest travel tips, point collecting strategies and other odds’n ends.

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Family Vacations and Burning Man 0

Family Vacations and Burning Man

Sunday with The Travel Guys… Our featured guest is Lisa Poirot, editor of Lisa has a ton of tips for traveling with the kids. If you travel with your family, or near or...

mothers_day 1

Mother’s Day Giveaway’s and More!

Welcome to another exciting week here at the Travel Guys!  This week we’ll be taking callers all hour long to talk about their favorite/least favorite hotel chains.  Also joining us is Ben Schlappig.  You...

mouse.n 2

Of Mice and Bloggers Who Beat the System

Ever wonder why some people seem to rack up tons of free flights and points galore while you’re still stuck just below the domestic flight mark?  Us too.  So we found someone who “gets it” to...