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How to Complain Effectively, What is the Booze Traveler?, and Check Out Virus Zero



This week’s edition of The Travel Guys features Consumer Advocate Ed Perkins of  Ed joins us to talk about a variety of issues, including a bill on how airfares are disclosed that is not consumer friendly; tips on how to resolve complaints at the airport; and tidbits on Allegiant Air’s service in Stockton, and how to make yours and your out-of-town guests holidays more enjoyable for all.

Tom talks with the Travel Channel about a brand new show, Booze Travelerwhich isn’t exactly what you think it might be.  It’s about unique alcoholic beverages.  Really unique. 

Finally, a quick interview with the guys from Virus Zero, a new travel gadget promises to keep the air around you free from germs and bacteria.


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The Travel Guys

The Travel Guys is a radio program that airs every week on 1530 KFBK

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