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A New Airline Seat, The Most Popular Travel Sites, and The Creator of Monkey Parking

bicycle seat

  • In the travel news, Airbus has asked for a patent on a new airline seat and the news is not good.  Would you sit on a bicycle-style seat for hours on a plane?  Join the discussion.
  •  A parent created a point system for his kids, allowing them to earn and redeem their points for treats and cash.  A little strange?  You might think so, put he reports it’s working like a charm.  Should your kids become “frequent flyers” at home?
  • We’ll tell you the most popular travel sites on the web, talk about airplane bathrooms (no topic is on limits on The Travel Guys) and tell you why airlines are no happy with their recently invented “fee”system.  There are 31.5 BILLION inflation-adjusted reasons.
  • Guests today include the creator of Monkey Parking in Rome And San Francisco, a way for you to pay for that elusive parking spot.  When it comes to train travel, private luxury cars are all the rage.  Reno Gazzola of Premier Rail Tours tells us about Pullman Rail Journeys, and specifically about a trip from New Orleans to Chicago on The fabled “City of New Orleans.”


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