American Road Magazine and Getting Bumped From Your Flight

We welcome Becky Repp of American Road Magazine. One of Mark’s favorite classic highway journals, this quarterly magazine offers interesting articles on America’s highways and the people and places along them. Becky talks about the current edition of the magazine, Dinosaur Drive!

In the Travel News, Mark will tell you the most expensive cities to stay in these United States, according to; and have some important information for members of the United or Continental Frequent Flyer programs, from our friend Ed Perkins. During the second half of the hour, expert Airline Mileage Runner Ben Schlappig shares some of his secrets on how to get bumped, or what to do when you get bumped without your permission. Ben knows the angles and his tips are always interesting. You can read more from Ben at


American Road Magazine

As an avid road warrior, Mark has been a big-time fan of American Road Magazine for a long time now.  The magazine features excellent stories from America’s tw0-lane roadways.  Whether it’s an interesting story from a local or an awe inspiring attraction, you’re sure to find it in this quarterly magazine!  Check them out at

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